Send Diwali Gifts to India

Send Diwali Gifts to India
Send Diwali Gifts to India

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sending Diwali Gifts to India Online to your loved ones without any Difficulty

Ganesha, one of the most popular and loved Indian Gods, is adoration on the celebration of Diwali. Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is considered as the God of Success. It is for this reason that He is adoration whenever any new business or venture is started so He can ward off any obstacles that may arise in the success of the venture. Ganesha Puja is customary before the adoration of any other God or Goddess as He is considered as the God of positive beginnings.  
On Diwali too, Ganesha is adoration along with his consort, Goddess Lakshmi and their blessings are sought for riches and wealth. On Diwali evening, Diwali traditional begin with Lakshmi Ganesha Puja. Ganesha Puja is done first and followed with Lakshmi Puja. After this, most families celebrate by lighting candles all around the house. Lot of persons has replaced this with electric lights that look good-looking as they shimmer in various styles and colors.

This is followed with lighting sparklers and firecrackers together which is an activity Kids variously enjoy. Lighting sparklers and playing with firecrackers is the part which usually lasts the longest out of all the others. The evening ends with a yummy spread of food for each one to have. Giftbharat form an integral part of the traditional and persons start distributing gifts around a week in advance to ensure that they are able to give a gift to each one of their near and dear ones. The traffic jams and crowded markets can, however, be completely avoided and gifting can be an effortless and even delightful activity if you are computer-savvy.  
Online souk has a wonderful range of Giftbharat adapted that makes Shopping for Diwali Gifts Online easy and quick. If one lives in another city, state or nation, one can attach with ones loved ones and Send Diwali Sweets using these gifting websites.

Diwali Festivals of lights is celebrated by doing Lakshmi Ganesha Puja in which persons pray for riches and wealth. This is followed by lights sparklers and firecrackers on Diwali evening. Giftbharat form an essential position in the festival traditional and each one visits their friends and family members to put back Giftbharat. This also causes long passage jams which can be quite difficult.

Send particular Diwali Gifts to India for Men and Women at Giftbharat

India has got a rich inheritance of conformist. India is a land that is identified to be popular for its traditional and their traditional. In the various parts of the country, traditional are celebrated with various styles and for various reasons. Diwali is celebrated in each and each part of India. Even if the reasons of traditional are various, the feelings of delight and the excitement of traditional remains the same within each and each community. Just now, the traditional of Diwali is at peak in the air.

To make the moment more excellent and cherish-able, a variety of share their love and happiness of celebration with each other by giving gifts to each other. For expressing love, distance doesn’t matter as it is through these gifts that the person is able to express the enormous feelings of the heart to the beloved ones. Like the different styles of traditional, gifts also come in variety of styles. Giftbharat include variety of decorative and good-looking gifts that are not only pleasing to the eyes but are also delightful and meaningful for the recipients. Giftbharat include a huge range of stylish gifts like Diwali Puja Thali, Diwali Dryfruits Thali, Diwali sweets, Diwali Chocolates etc. Besides this, a number of fantastic gifts are online adapted like Diwali Kids Various, Diwali Ladies Various, Diwali Men’s wear etc.

Women love to wear new saris added with fashionable perfumes, men love to chill around with their stylish kurta pajamas, kids love to enjoy on sweets, chocolates and dry fruits. Thus, with the changing collection of the persons, a complete range of gifts with various fashion and flourish are adapted which can be easily and timely procured online. On the time of Diwali, with the replace of love, delight and enthusiasm, persons share various good-looking gifts with each other.

Diwali Gifts are heart throbbing and they bring smiles on the faces of the beloved ones. Thus, gifts to be given must be of most favorable selection. Giftbharat is a benefit for such persons who want to make their family and friends the most happiest on the Diwali night. Therefore, visit the site and you’ll search astonishing ranges of a number of hand-outs to make your near and dear ones happy and filled with excitement.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diwali Gifts to India only one click of Giftbharat

India is a land of traditional. The rich culture of India is the pride of each Indian. If anyone were to study the culture of India, one would congratulate the continuity of cultural traditions and traditional in the country. Had this permanence not existed, India would have been poorer by its loss of rich and diverse heritage and the future generations would miss out on something so very magnificent.
One of the most popular traditional of India is Deepavali. Deepavali literally translates into a row of Diyas. The word Diwali is used as a small form of the word Deepavali. When Sri Rama returned from his banish from Ayodhya, the persons of the kingdom celebrated his return and welcomed him by beautifying their homes by lighting a row of diyas outside their homes. The good-looking effect that gets marked as a result of the lighting of a row of diyas gives a look of traditional and beauty. This custom and tradition of the celebration has lasted since ancient years now. Besides lighting of diyas, persons wear new clothes and give gifts to each other to wish each other a Happy Diwali and an affluent year to the front. Kids love to have fun with loud firecrackers to celebrate the celebration though this practice is being disheartened actively since the last few years. Giving and receiving gifts is, on the other hand, a wonderful part of the celebration traditional.
Make sure you too take the tradition ahead to the next generation by transfer Giftbharat to your friends, associates and family members irrespective of whichever part of the world you may be in. Thanks to the accessibility of online Giftbharat, one can log onto the internet and send Diwali Sweets to India along with Giftbharat appropriately. On good quality websites, you can search a number of wonderful gift ideas for Diwali that are sure to enjoyment the collects of your gift too. The cost range is similar to the real world marketplaces as well so you don’t compromise on any aspect when you choose online Giftbharat over other Giftbharat. The collects of your gift are bound to feel touched at your thoughtful gesture of transfer Gifts to India variously for them. Send Diwali Gifts to India and attach with your friends and loved ones back home on a festive time.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Diwali Gifts – Their Significance in Diwali Festivals 2013

Diwali is going to be here shortly and all Hindu, no matter which part of the world he or she may live in, looks forward to it. Diwali Online Gifts, Lights, Sweets and Crackers occupy a middle place in Diwali celebrations. People wear new dress on Diwali day and visit their friends and relatives to give Diwali gifts to them. In fact, most people complete the gifting several days in advance itself. Sweets, Dryfruits, home appliances and cutlery are only some of the popular Diwali gifts that people like to collect as well as gift to their close ones and acquaintances on this unique occasion.

Diwali gifts Online Order and reaches across the miles that separate the people and You in your life. What is Diwali without Diwali gifts, anyways? You can also Sending Mithai to India by order online on a reliable gifts portal. What more could we have asked for? A perfect way to gain emotional closeness irrespective of the distance that may exist between you, your loved ones and associates on India’s favorite’s festival, Diwali. Light up the hearts of the people in your life with gratifying Diwali gifts.

If you occur to be gone from your friends and family in India, there is a marvelous way for you to sending Diwali Gifts to India Online or Diwali Sweets to India. Visit and select from amongst an appealing and gorgeous collection of Diwali Gifts, Diwali Sweets and Diwali Gift Hampers. Pay conveniently and securely using a net banking, credit card or mobile payment facility as per your preference. Fabulous Online Diwali Gifts Shopping knowledge!

Send Online Best Diwali Gifts and Sweets to India

Diwali is one of the most loved and famous festivals of India. It is a Hindu festival that is celebrated by performing several activities by the family members in a home. Planning for Diwali celebrations start 2-3 weeks before the festival. Since it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi likes to visit clean homes on the night of Diwali, peoples start cleaning their homes some weeks in advance. Many people get their homes whitewashed as well to ensure that their homes look nice and attractive for Online Diwali Gifts to India everybody tries to wear new clothes for Diwali festivals and shopping for those new clothes also starts weeks in advance of the festival.
One more important part of the celebration is gift-giving. Friends, associates and relatives exchange gifts with each other. Since one cannot visit all the people on a single day, this practice also starts some days previous. But before one can give gifts, other wants to shop for them. This shopping is finished weeks in advance again. Marketplaces naturally have Diwali sales to attract customers to their products.

If you occur to be away provisionally or live away from your social circle, you can send Diwali gifts to India with the help of online gifting websites. Physical reserve need not interfere with the festivities and customs of your culture. Send Diwali Gifts are at par, if not better than the ordinary gifts existing in real-world marketplaces.

You can even order Send Diwali Sweets to India with the services of such online gifts portals. Visit to send Diwali gifts to India to your acquaintances and loved ones. Pay securely by net banking, a credit card, or mobile payment facility and have a Happy Diwali 2013!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gift Giving Deepavali Gifts for Diwali Festival

It is customary to present as well as accept Diwali Gifts on the celebration of the festival of Diwali. This practice put the people back in touch with each other and become a feel good factor in our lives. No man is an atoll but in the chase for material profit and other personal ambitions, people are likely to withdraw from each other and live in mini islands. When traditional festivals arrive and customs like exchanging of Diwali gifts occur, we get an opportunity to reconnect with each other. Till we become absorbed with our personal lives again, we remain in touch and feel revitalized expressively. It is for these main reasons that a festival enjoys large popularity and Diwali is simply one of the most important festivals of our land, India.

Coupled with Diwali Mithai-Sweets or a dry fruits box, A Diwali gift appear complete. Home use, kitchenware and have usually remember one of the most famous choices for Diwali Gifts .Since a Diwali gift is classically exchanged between families and not persons, presenting individual gifts like accessories seems or clothing items unkind towards other members of a family.

This is the main cause at the back home appliance and home material being one of the most chosen gifts for Diwali. Online Diwali Gifts with Diwali Sweets to India for Diwali 2013 and connect with your family members and friends. There is a broad and attractive range of Diwali gifts to suit budget of every person that is available all over Indian marketplaces around this time of year.

Visit and enjoy the expediency of shopping for gifts for Diwali online. Pay safely using a net banking, credit card, or mobile facility and enjoy a Happy Diwali 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Send Online Diwali Gifts to India from USA

If you are reside in a foreign country, physically missing from your friends and relatives living in India, you can attach yourself emotionally with them by Send Diwali Gifts to them. This time, Diwali will be celebrated on the 3rd of November 2013. This is the time for you to revitalize your relations, official or commercial, be it personal.

Diwali is symbols of the celebration of a series of five festivals starting with Dhanteras, after two days main Diwali and ending with Bhaiya Dooj. Sweets, crackers, lights and Diwali Pooja accessories are the most enjoyable gifts for the young, kids and the old alike on the Diwali. Dhanteras is considered promising for acquiring affluence such as moneys, gold, silver, and diamond. For Bhai Dooj, you may be necessary to Send Diwali Gifts to India for your sister.

Diwali Gifts are the portent of your affection, love and concern for your loved ones who may be of any age and be ‘Men’ or ‘Women’. Your gifts should suit to the tastes and liking of the person it is meant for. Making the right selection of the gifts by physically visiting the shops may not be possible because of your busy schedule abroad.

You can now Send Diwali Gifts to India Online that relieves you from worry of making the selection. At the same time, you have before you a number of different combinations and varieties and of gift materials to suit the event as well as to the recipient. Select the right online portal for the best Diwali gifts.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Put Your Order Now Diwali Gifts Online from Giftbharat

Shopping and gift-giving is one of the most significant aspects of the celebration of Diwali. As a result of this, sellers of different gift items such like fancy candles, decorative diyas, jewelry, brassware, gold, gems, and do roaring business in India for a month till the celebration of Diwali Gifts. This expenditure determined increase to the economy is always an effective solution to any signs of sluggishness that the economy might be experiencing. It is a culture driven increase to the economy which is more efficient than any Keynesian involvement that the policy makers can device!
India is really a temporal country with a culture that admires all religions. True to the syncretism culture of India, Christians, Muslims, even Sikhs, and light lamps on the time of Diwali when the entire nation is full of lights.

It is said that the Amavasya night of Diwali is one of the darkest nights in the year when the world could no longer agree to the hurt of the unfair banishment of Lord Rama to the forest. On this darkest of nights, after 15 long years when Rama keeps his word to his elders like He all the time does, He finally returns to his correct abode after vanquishing the evil Ravana who in a symbolic manner was spreading darkness across the world. Sending Diwali Gifts India helps you utter your joy on this amazing festival that spreads brightness all over the country. Order Diwali Gifts Online and attach with your loved ones easily.
In This year, Send Diwali Mithai to India beside with Diwali Gifts to India by logging in to one of the important online gifting portals- that has a wonderful collection of Diwali Gift Hampers.

Divide your Diwali Gifts to India with your loved once

If we show at the skyline of any main Indian city a week before Diwali, we will see light of traditional clay diyas and millions of small Chinese LEDs and bulbs that have swamped the market over the last few years. Whether it is Deepawali, Christmas, Holi or any other celebration, the inventive Chinese have tried to supply to the vast demand within India in such festivals.

On the Amavasya night – Hindus honor of the Goddess of riches Lakshmi in her acceptable form as the bestowed of affluence and riches. In Hindu tradition, it is also said that Lord Vishnu – the Preserver in the Hindu Holy Trinity – sent Bali to Patala.
You can purchase the exclusive diamond, gold and silver jewelry for your wife in this Diwali. Diwali is the festival of riches and one where the Goddess of prosperity is worshipped, it is advised favorable to purchase gold and jewelry on the time of Send Online Diwali Gifts. Even the Bombay Stock Exchange opens for a session of Mahurat Trading on the time of Diwali and it is advised favorable to buy shares in Mahurat Trading.

Besides this, don’t forget to Sending Diwali Sweets to your relatives, friends and associates for the celebration since no Indian celebration suggest complete without sweets. With the accessibility of Online Diwali Sweets, Diwali Sweets Hampers and ordering Diwali sweets and is a work that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Visit to send Diwali Mithai and Online Diwali Gifts to India any part of no matter which part of the world you may be in. Payment can be made securely through a net banking, credit card, or mobile payment ability as per one’s first choice and 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Let’s Rejoice Unique Deepavali Gifts to India Online

On the fourth day of Diwali, Bali who had been banished to Patiala by Lord Vishnu – the Preserve in the Holy Trinity – goes to the place ordained for him by Vishnu. This is the Kartika Shudda Padyami. The fifth day is Bhai Dooj or Yama Dvitiya when sisters invite their brothers over and the sacred bond among brothers and sisters is celebrated again – just like it is on the sacred occasion of Rakshabandhan.

Diwali and the logical and consistent Hindu traditions woven around Diwali make it the primary or pre-eminent Hindu festival of the year. It in fact is the Queen between all the festivals of India – The Land of Festivals, Tradition and ancient times.
Nothing is other significant to Hindus that involving with their families, friends and loved ones on Send Diwali Gifts Online of how far away they may be geographically located – across the states of India or across the nations of the world where people may be working, studying, or be engaged in their own business. 

The global popularity of Diwali can be gauged from the truth that the day of Deepawali is an official holiday not only in India but also in Surinam, Trinidad and Mauritius, Tobago, Fiji, Malaysia, Myanmar, Guyana, Sri Lanka, Singapore and of course in the Hindu greater part nation of Nepal – the only Hindu majority nation in the globe apart from India.

The internet and 24 hours connectivity help bridge the distance on such occasions. Send Diwali Sweets Gifts to India has traditionally been an integral part of the festival of Diwali. Sweetmeat vendors do brisk business on the time of Diwali. While traditional Indian Mithais are forever popular, nowadays a lot of people are also gifting and extreme chocolates and other western sweets. Diwali Sweets is all the time a famous gifting selection on the time of Diwali.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Diwali Chocolates Gifts for Your friends and Relatives

Gifts create an imperative share of life. People think more generous and generous on sharing gifts. They, just in any case, look for one or the other chance to share gifts with their loved ones. Diwali offer a wonderful opening for public to offer gifts to people close to their soul and mind. Gifting is an important therapy to keep up harmonious relationships but what is gifted is far more important. The depth and intensity of one’s feeling becomes wider and intense on receiving Diwali Gifts in the form of Diwali Chocolates mainly when they have to be Sending Diwali Gifts to India. Indians are special therefore; they should be blessed with extraordinary, unforgettable gifts and that to, on Diwali which is one of the largest and happening festivals for all Indian.
Diwali is a sight that signifies the success of good over evil. So good are the chocolates as they not only quote the melted feelings of beloved ones but also give certain medical benefits. Diwali Chocolates to India act like anti-depressants; they may lower blood pressure, progress cardio-vascular action and also act as an anti-oxidant etc.
Diwali Chocolates Hampers suggest an assessable connection between taste and gladness. They give additional remarkable joy on the festive occasion like Diwali. They overwhelm the heart filled with anguish and make them realize that the near and dear one whom they’re missing is just there in their heart.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

It’s Simple to Send Diwali Gifts to Ahmedabad Online with free shipping

Ahmadabad is an active city full of lights, colors, and life. It’s an amazing city located as the heart of Gujarat. In Gujarat, Diwali is celebrated by peak enthusiasm and exhilaration. It is one of the most expected festivals of the time. Additionally, the tradition of distribution gifts has made this festival more thrilling and exhilarating and especially for children and younger people.
In Diwali, dignity, colors, lights, tasty food and gifts become an indissoluble part of the festival. Guajarati’s love of sweets and they are also loving of gifts. Diwali Gifts Ahmedabad Online comes in variety of patterns and different things that show your love and affection for other person. There are some varieties available in gifts that have been made extraordinary for the different age groups. These sections include Diwali gifts for children, Diwali gifts for men, Diwali gift hamper for ladies etc.

To make an impression the much-loved ones, Diwali Gifts to Ahmedabad online can serve a main source of surprise and gladness for the close to and dear ones. Different kinds of chocolates, sweets, lamps, dry fruits etc. can be gifted as ‘Diwali gifts to Ahmedabad’. Gifts offer the best method to share and celebrate the joy of Diwali without polluting the natural background. 

They supply as the effective relationship between the hearts of the people and their bonding becomes more strong and loving. Special Diwali Gifts to India is an extraordinary and poignant way to express your love and strong feelings for your friends and family there.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Superb Bhai Dooj Gifts India for your Sibling

In This year, Diwali will be celebrated on the 13th of November 2013 and two days thereafter, Bhai Dooj will be celebrated that symbolize the repression of love and affection between brothers and sisters. On this 2nd day of Shukla paksha of Kartik month, Lord Shre Krushna, after killing Narakasua the demon was welcomed by his sister with burning of diyas and putting of tikkas. Bhaiya Dooj Gifts are the media through which these sibling emotions and feeling are transmitted, even staying quite afar.
If you are staying overseas, this is the time when you can share your emotion with your brothers or sisters living in India. You can now Send Bhai Dooj Gifts to India Online without having to take any botheration of visiting so many shops for selecting different items suiting to the selection or taste of your brother or sister.
There are a many numbers of online portals which makes the task too simple for you. You are just to visit the websites of proficient portals, make your selection of Diwali Gifts 2013 and set the order. The gifts will arrive at your brother or sister living at any place in India. In order to create the time impressive both for your sibling and for yourself, you have the other options to choose the Bhai Dooj Diwali Gift Hampers from a number of items such as apparels, sweets, perfumes, chocolates, soft toys, men’s wear, gent’s hanky, Axe leather belt, deodorant, Gillette after- shave, Parker pen set, Pooja Thali, dry fruits, combos, soft toys, Do it perfume, flowers and photo frames.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Present Dhanteras Gifts are now Online Diwali Shopping from Giftbharat

Diwali is one of the most colorful and important festival in the Hindu calendar. Between many possible interpretation of why Diwali Gifts to India is famous and what makes it so imperative, one Hindu narrative decide that , Diwali is celebrated to mark the wedding of Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of riches and the herald of good fortunes – and Lord Vishnu – The Preserver of the universe in the Hindu Holy Trinity.

Hinduism, regardless of popular misconception to the differing, is really a Monotheistic Philosophy which decides Brahman or The Essence to be pervading the entire cosmos and every particle of matter in the Universe. This monotheistic essence is expressed through the three manifestations of the same Godhead – Brahma as the Creator of the Cosmos and the Creative Essence of the Universe; Lord Vishnu as the Preserver of the Cosmos; and Lord Shiva as the Destroyer who ends one cosmic cycle which is at a stage of decline and decay so that a new cycle can begin afresh.

It is the marriage of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver and Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of riches that many Hindu societies believe the reason for the celebration of the festival of Diwali.
Seeing as Lakshmi is the Goddess of riches, it is decide favorable to shop for gold, silver  and other metallic goods as Dhanteras Gifts to India on the time of Dhan Teras. Actually, all automobile manufacturer have offer to attract clients to buy new SUVs and bikes , Carson the occasion of Dhanteras 2013.

In This Diwali, you can attach with your loved ones, relatives and friends though you are physically far away because of studies, a work or a business through the ‘forever on’ connectivity of 24 hours internet and online gifting website like despite where in the world you may be, you can just log in and select from a wide array of Dhanteras Silver Gifts to India. Send Dhanteras Gifts Online from the trustable gifts portal and pay online all the way through a credit card, net banking or mobile payment facility.

Send Diwali Gift Hampers for your close to Dear Ones

One of the not as much of acknowledged reason why Diwali has an extra significance for Hindus is the truth that the history of the reformist Arya Samaj progress that arise as a response to the pressure being put on the philosophy of Hinduism.

Hindu reformers such like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, and Maharshi Dayananda tried to change Hindu as well as Indian civilization, to begin a strong inter-faith dialogue between Hinduism and the other great philosophical systems in the world to show a path to their supporters to attain nirvana – liberty from the continual cycles of birth and rebirth and an recognition of the self with the utter Paramatma or Brahman. Maharshi Dayananda understood in the Hindu Vedas as a resource of wisdom and in brahmacharya or maintaining chaste opinion as a pure mode of life. On Diwali day, he attained nirvana.

At a distance from the truth that Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram returned winning to Ayodhya after 14 years of vanvaaas and after vanquishing the evil demon Lankashree Ravana, it is the achievement of nirvana that is also celebrated by the Arya Samajis on the day of Diwali. Still today, Arya Samajis continue an important part of the Hindu trust and way of life. Arya Samaj Mandirs are famous for their charitable and social work, At a distance from being places of adoration and venues for Arya Samaj weddings.

Everybody gets mutually with their families, clean their homes for the duration of the days and weeks previous Diwali, celebrate Dhanteras and Lakshmi Puja and eat Diwali mithai on the evening of Diwali. Be a part of the festivities of your near and dear ones and send Diwali sweets to India. Diwali Gifts Hampers are a huge gift option as well.

You can Send Diwali Gifts to India for Diwali 2013 threw logging in to online gifting portal such like Every dealings make on are totally secure and safe.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Have fun the Joyful Season with Send Diwali Gifts to India

Every time any thinking or community faced persecution anywhere in the world, they only had to reach the shores of India to be accepted as valuable guests by the decision kings and princes and bestowed with, Online Diwali Gifts cattle, soil and wealth because taking good worry of all human beings and all visitors is one of the middle tenets of Hinduism. civilization are assorted and people who perform Hinduism have, over the millennia, welcomed people of special thought stream from diagonally the globe to come and stay in India and become a component of the Indian loam, its mixed cultures and traditions. Thus, the recent population of India is maybe the most racially and linguistically varied in the globe because almost all the people who came to India to look for shelter in her bountiful wealth and her productive land stayed on and inter-married with the local population and become part of the soil of the country.

As well, Hinduism celebrate the gaining of wealth and fabric wealth through fair and lawful means without harming one’s fellow population of the world. Scarcity is not measured a asset and people are expectant to improved their prediction in life by indentation of their hard work and cleverness. In such a sensible society which is not removed from the day-to-day reality of life, it is usual that a celebration be dedicated to the propitiation of the idol of Wealth Lakshmi. This celebration – Diwali 2013 – is the most well-liked festival in the Hindu calendar and Bhai Dooj marks the start of Diwali festivities.
It is told that Goddess Parvati had gambled with Lord Shiva – who is one of the three Gods in the Hindu Holy Trinity – and Parvati blesses anybody who gambles and plays cards on the instance of Diwali. The expert, business and trading classes of India make it a point to stake on these occasions and believe it promising to do so. People are invited to one Another houses in the evening for a game of cards accompanied with music, food, refreshments and revelry.

Objects affluence is not the only thing that is pray for and celebrated on Diwali but in general well- being of our families – material affluence, good health and physical well-being as well as knowledge and spiritual attainment and illumination, in other words religious wealth is also required. On the day of Diwali, people go out with their families and shop for Diwali Sweets, Diwali Dry fruits, Diwali Chocolate, gold, silver, jewelry and valuable or semi-precious metallic objects. It is considered auspicious to purchase metallic objects on Diwali.